Stores Online - Never Contacted Me for the Seminar

Dallas, Texas 0 comments
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My brother died suddenly the week of the seminar.I was supposed to get a reschedule for the seminar.

They took the money and I never heard back. I called numerous times to reschedule. No response. I never even received the mp3 player for the free gift.

I guess I should rejoice from what I have read that was done to partipants who made it and got ripped off.

I wouldn't recommend any attend even the free seminar.

We all are looking for opportunities but not opportunites to be made fools of.This company only exists to make money not to help any one!

Review about: Seminar.

Stores Online - Store online doesn't live up to their advertisement

Stone Mountain, Georgia 0 comments

It's been about 2 years since I bought 'stores' from stores on line. I tried to set up websites using their customer service, but they were impatient, and didn't work very well with me.

I would like my money back, over $5,000, but I don't know how to go about getting it.

I bought 5 or 6 stores, and thought I could set them up with the help of their online personnel, but the online people seem to be limited in the time they had to spend with me. Then I starting getting calls asking for more money to buy other aspects of the websites. I didn't understand this at all and I was getting nowhere setting up my stores, and so I quite. It seems I would need to pay for advertisement of the websites, and pay to have them listed. It was too much money and I never didn't make a dime trying to set up the websites.

Stores Online - are liars and scammers!!!

Barnegat Township, New Jersey 2 comments

Stay away from run seminars....get you hooked into opening them money...with their fast talk of "big money" right away....they DO NOT deliver....They lie....they offer a free MP3Player for attending their seminars which they never send to you.Stay away from these scammers from Utah.

These people offer to help you open a store immediately and scam you into thinking it's the easiest and quickest way to make money on the Internet. They claim they will help set up your store with your own website that they will supply and shopping cart, etc.

This never happens...They disappear when it's time to deliver...These people should be reported to the Utah Federal Fraud Consumer Dept.which I am going to do.



so far the only problem that I have had is getting on the website to work on my site. I think they are having tech. problems,I hope.


Not true!They have always been helpful and did not make promises about anything accept their products.

You must be willing to do the research and the work it takes to establish an online business.It is not for someone who is lazy and wants someone else to do all the work for them.

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